Shazam Flying Animated cute cursor

Shazam Flying Animated cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Capture the electrifying power of Shazam with this incredible custom mouse cursor from Sweezy Cursors! Soar through your digital world as the mighty Shazam himself, with this cool animated cursor. It perfectly captures his epic flying ability, showcasing his iconic red suit and lightning bolt emblem. Get ready to feel the magic as you navigate your computer with this awesome Shazam cursor!

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Gyrocopter cursor

The Gyrocopter cursor is a part of the DOTA 2 cursor collection, designed to enhance the gaming experience for players. The cursor features an animated image of Gyrocopter, a hero from the game, flying a futuristic Gyrocopter vehicle. The cursor is visually stunning, with its metallic silver frame and high-resolution graphics. It is easy to use, with a simple point-and-click interface that allows players to swiftly move their cursor across the screen. Overall, the Gyrocopter cursor is an excellent addition to the DOTA 2 cursor collection, providing a functional and visually appealing experience for players.

Sanae Furukawa

Sanae Furukawa cursor

The Sanae Furukawa cursor is a charming addition to the Cursors Collection. It features an animated cursor of the character Sanae from the popular anime series "Clannad". Sanae appears flying in a croissant-shaped airplane, creating a cute and playful effect. The cursor is easy to install and is carefully designed to blend with any browser seamlessly. Sanae Furukawa cursor is a perfect choice for fans of the show or anyone who likes anime-inspired cursors. Bring some fun into your browsing experience with the Sanae Furukawa cursor.

Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman cursor

The Flying Dutchman cursor from the Cursors Collection is the perfect addition for seafaring enthusiasts. This cursor depicts the infamous ghost ship sailing through choppy seas with its tattered sails billowing in the wind. The detailed design captures the eerie and eerie feeling of this legendary vessel and adds a touch of mystery to your browser. The cursor is easy to install and use, and it's sure to impress anyone who sees it. So, set sail on a new browsing adventure with the Flying Dutchman cursor from the Cursors Collection.

Ray the Flying Squirrel

Ray the Flying Squirrel cursor

The Ray the Flying Squirrel cursor is now available for download from the Cursors Collection website. This animated cursor features Ray, the popular character from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, gliding across the screen with his wings spread wide. It's a fun and playful addition to any browser, and will give Sonic fans a nostalgic blast from the past. The cursor is easy to install and use, and is compatible with most web browsers. Download the Ray the Flying Squirrel cursor today and add some whimsy to your online browsing experience!

Superhero Superman

Superhero Superman cursor

Upgrade your browsing experience with the superhero symbol of hope and justice, Superman. This cursor from Cursors Collection features the iconic "S" emblem that will guide you through your internet ventures. With its bold design and vivid colors, the Superman cursor will surely catch the eye of anyone who sees it. The smooth movement and precise tracking make browsing effortless and entertaining. So if you want to feel like a superhero while surfing the web, get the Superman cursor now and enjoy flying through the pages with speed and style.

Flying Duck 3D Emoji

Flying Duck 3D Emoji cursor

Introducing the Flying Duck 3D Emoji cursor from the Emoji Cursor Collection! This vibrant and playful cursor adds a touch of funart to your browsing experience. With its animated 3D design, the Flyin...

SpongeBob Flying Dutchman & Ship Animated

SpongeBob Flying Dutchman & Ship Animated cursor

Add some swashbuckling flair to your desktop with this cool custom mouse cursor from the SpongeBob Cursor Collection. Featuring the Flying Dutchman's ship from the classic SpongeBob SquarePants cartoo...

One-Punch Man Saitama Flying Animated

One-Punch Man Saitama Flying Animated cursor

One-Punch Man fans can now unleash their heroic potential with the Saitama Flying animated cursor from the Anime Cursor Collection. Inspired by the legendary character, this cursor set perfectly captu...

Squid Game Doll

Squid Game Doll cursor

The creepy doll from Squid Game has become a sensation! Her statues can be found in squares and shopping malls, while cool alarm clocks and fan merchandise are flying off the shelves. Memes featuring ...

Pokemon Pidgey & Pidgeotto

Pokemon Pidgey & Pidgeotto cursor

Pidgeotto, a remarkable avian Pokemon, possesses incredible flying abilities. With its strong wings, it can effortlessly carry its prey over long distances back to its nest. Evolving from Pidgey, Pidg...

Christmas Rudolph Reindeer

Christmas Rudolph Reindeer cursor

The Christmas reindeer Rudolph is eagerly racing through the sky in his harness, leading the way for Santa to deliver presents to all the children. While all the reindeer are renowned for flying, Rudo...

Orange Butterfly Animated

Orange Butterfly Animated cursor

The flying butterfly is a truly mesmerizing sight. It appears delicate and vulnerable, yet it showcases remarkable agility in the air. However, the true marvel lies in its coloring. The intricate patt...

Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli & Water Wings

Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli & Water Wings cursor

Introducing the enchanting Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli Water Wings custom cursor! Watch in awe as Lapis Lazuli unleashes her majestic wings, designed specifically for water and flying. This funart cu...

Harry Potter Winged Key & Hogwarts

Harry Potter Winged Key & Hogwarts cursor

Introducing the mesmerizing Flying Key cursor from Harry Potter! As you enter the challenging Chamber of Winged Keys, prepare to be enchanted by this captivating cursor. Amidst hundreds of flying keys...

Cuphead Hilda Berg & Cloud

Cuphead Hilda Berg & Cloud cursor

Defeating Hilda Berg, the flying blimp boss in Cuphead, requires skill and strategy. As a nocturnal creature, she can be found on the cloud during the day if disturbed. When facing her, be prepared fo...

Batman Bat-Signal Animated

Batman Bat-Signal Animated cursor

The Bat-Signal mouse cursor brings the spirit of Gotham City to life on your screen. This free and animated cursor features the iconic Bat-Signal which illuminates with a simple mouse movement. Experi...

Blue Beetle Animated

Blue Beetle Animated cursor

Introducing the Blue Beetle animated cursor, the perfect companion for all the heroes and cursor champions out there! This cursor is more than just your average pointer; it's your digital sidekick, re...

DC League of Super-Pets Krypto & Badge

DC League of Super-Pets Krypto & Badge cursor

Krypto the super dog, accompanied by his loyal allies Super Cat Strictly and Batman's dog Ace, bravely protects Earth from intergalactic criminals. With the awesome powers of Superman, Krypto fearless...

Zatanna & Hat

Zatanna & Hat cursor

Join Zatanna, the powerful sorceress, as she takes you on a thrilling journey into the supernatural world. With her ability to manipulate magic, she is a true master of the elements. Experience her as...

Space Ghost Tad Ghostal Animated

Space Ghost Tad Ghostal Animated cursor

tery-solving superhero in his own animated series titled "Space Ghost Coast to Coast," where he transformed from a serious crime fighter to a hilariously clueless talk show host. DC Comics revamped th...


Starfire cursor

Adopt the flirty and lovable Starfire at your own risk! Despite her sweet and sociable nature, this Tamaran princess is born a warrior. She can win any man's heart, but beware of provoking her, as her...

DC Poison Ivy

DC Poison Ivy cursor

Introducing the captivating Poison Ivy DC comics cursor! With her mesmerizing beauty, she effortlessly steals hearts and manipulates desires. As one of Batman's most iconic villains, she entices with ...

DC Batman Mech Batsuit & Logo Animated

DC Batman Mech Batsuit & Logo Animated cursor

The animated cursor set contains various icons and designs inspired by Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman when he took on the mission to destroy the Justice League. It captures the essence of his dark ...

Flash & Logo

Flash & Logo cursor

Imagine traveling at light speed alongside a superhero like the Flash, exploring the vast expanse of the Universe. With this funart custom cursor, you can feel the excitement as you transcend barriers...

Batman & Batmobile

Batman & Batmobile cursor

The Dark Knight's crime-fighting abilities are enhanced by his special vehicle, the Batmobile. This remarkable car is incredibly fast, allowing Batman to quickly reach the scene and assist those in ne...

DC Joker & Card

DC Joker & Card cursor

Another DC Comics supervillain that fits the description is the infamous super assassin Deadshot. Known for his deadly accuracy and cold-heartedness, Deadshot often utilizes a razor-sharp playing card...

Superman & Logo

Superman & Logo cursor

Make friends with the world’s most beloved superhero, Superman, and his iconic emblem in Super! Despite having important meetings, Superman is always ready to help those in need, drawing strength from...

DC Raven

DC Raven cursor

Raven, a powerful and highly skilled DC mage, possesses the remarkable ability of teleportation. With a mere flicker, she effortlessly dissolves into thin air, reappearing in another dimension within ...


Superman cursor

Superman, the iconic superhero from DC Comics, is the epitome of bravery and crime-fighting. His unwavering commitment to upholding the law serves as a shining example for fellow heroes. The sight of ...

Mera & Trident

Mera & Trident cursor

Experience the awe-inspiring world of Mera, the queen of the underwater realm! With her immense strength and command over water, Mera is a force to be reckoned with. Discover her extraordinary abiliti...

Robin & Logo

Robin & Logo cursor

The logo of the heroic criminal fighter, Robin, is now accessible. This iconic image portrays a real superhero donning a red tunic with green sleeves, a yellow cloak, a yellow belt, and black boots. I...

Green Latern

Green Latern cursor

Join a Justice League team of extraordinary superheroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Protect the universe from the forces of evil and defend innocent lives. Use the power o...

Batman & Batarang

Batman & Batarang cursor

Join Batman, the fearless crime fighter who disguises himself as a mysterious bat, in his quest to protect the innocent. Despite the vast army of enemies he faces, Batman remains resilient and refuses...


Catwoman cursor

If I had nine lives, I might just be tempted to explore the razor's edge between light and darkness in Gotham City. Catwoman's allure lies in her deadly allure and undeniable beauty. She embodies both...

Aquaman & Trident

Aquaman & Trident cursor

Take control of the mystical water monsters as you dive into the depths with Aquaman. With his power and bravery, he rules over every mineral, fish, and resource within the murky depths. Aquaman, the ...

Wingsuit Flying Animated

Wingsuit Flying Animated cursor

Experience the adrenaline rush of wingsuit flying with the "Wingsuit Flying" animated mouse cursor. Soar through the skies and feel the exhilaration at your fingertips. Glide through the air and captu...

Avatar Appa Animated

Avatar Appa Animated cursor

Experience pure adorableness with Appa, the beloved flying bison from Avatar. This custom mouse cursor captures Appa’s charm and adds a touch of joy to your browsing. Let Appa guide your mouse with it...

Avatar The Last Airbender Appa

Avatar The Last Airbender Appa cursor

Join the Avatar team and experience the exhilarating sensation of flying! With our transportation, you'll feel the freedom, lightness, and pure delight of soaring through the sky. Say Yip Yip! to be p...

AC/DC Angus Young & Logo Animated

AC/DC Angus Young & Logo Animated cursor

Rock out with the AC/DC custom mouse cursor featuring Angus Young and the iconic logo. Feel the electric energy of rock music right at your fingertips. Unleash your inner rockstar with this animated c...

Flying Meteorite on Fire Animated

Flying Meteorite on Fire Animated cursor

Transform your desktop into a blazing spectacle with Sweezy Cursors' Flying Meteorite mouse cursor. This hyper-realistic custom cursor transforms your mouse into a fiery meteorite, blasting through th...