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Comic Cursors: Choose your mood today.

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Lord of the Cursor: Brotherhood of the Desktop

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Latest Cute Cursors

Ava Max

Ava Max cursor

Cursors Collection has added a new browser cursor featuring pop singer Ava Max. The cursor portrays ...
Roll and french fries

Roll and french fries cursor

Add some sizzle to your browsing experience with our Food and Drinks Cursor Collection featuring a R...
Luz Noceda

Luz Noceda cursor

The Luz Noceda cursor is a delightful addition to the Cursors Collection. Based on the popular chara...

Squirtle cursor

The Squirtle cursor from Cursors Collection is a fun way to liven up your browser. This cursor featu...
The Watermelon

The Watermelon cursor

The Watermelon cursor is a fun and creative addition to your browser. This cursor collection offers ...
Statue of Liberty and the ball

Statue of Liberty and the ball cursor

The Around the World Cursor Collection offers a unique way to customize your browser experience. One...

Balloon cursor

The Balloon cursor from the Cursors Collection is a fun and playful addition to your web browsing ex...
Slime Texture

Slime Texture cursor

The Cursors Collection has added another fun cursor to its collection, the Slime Texture cursor! Thi...

Warlock cursor

Get ready to cast some spells and dominate the battlefield with the Warlock cursor for your browser,...

Frank cursor

The Frank cursor is a popular cursor from the Brawl Stars collection, perfect for fans of the game. ...
Cheese Ice Cream

Cheese Ice Cream cursor

Take your love for cheese to the next level with this deliciously fun Cheese Ice Cream cursor from C...

Fait cursor

Cursors Collection offers a wide range of free mouse cursors that can liven up your browsing experie...
Portgas D. Ace

Portgas D. Ace cursor

The Portgas D. Ace cursor from Cursors Collection is a great addition to any One Piece fan's browser...
Sis Swing

Sis Swing cursor

Sis Swing is a cursor from the Cursors Collection that can be used on your browser. Its sleek and st...
Ice Cube

Ice Cube cursor

Looking to add a cool touch to your browsing experience? Check out this Ice Cube cursor from Cursors...


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Audio Equalizer - EQ

Audio Equalizer - adjust volume of sound, bass booster, sound booster, dim the highs. EQ Audio Equalizer for all website!

CM Cursors

CM Cursors

Use the cursor today and use something else tomorrow. Always be fashionable and creative, even in the office or in the classroom. Only you can know how beautiful and beautiful ordinary work on a laptop can be.

CM CC Cursors

CM CC Cursors

Replaces default cursor with something cute, funny and trendy. Change the usual mouse pointer to an amazing Cute Cursors.


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