Two-Face & Coin cute cursor

Two-Face & Coin cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The supervillain you are referring to is Two-Face, also known as Harvey Dent. Once a noble and righteous district attorney of Gotham City, he was scarred in an accident, triggering a mental imbalance. Two-Face embraces chance and duality, deciding his actions through the flip of his "lucky" coin. This enigmatic character serves as a dark reflection of the inner conflicts within the human psyche. Batman, also known as Bruce Wayne, tirelessly battles against Two-Face and other villains to maintain peace and justice in Gotham City.

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Joker cursor

The Joker Cursor from Cursors Collection is a perfect addition for Joker fans. It shows the iconic green hair and sinister smile that makes the Joker a legendary villain. The cursor is easy to install and adds an extra touch of fun to your browsing experience. Whether you're browsing social media, streaming videos, or working on important projects, the Joker Cursor is sure to bring a smile to your face. Try it out today and give your browser a touch of the Joker's mischievous charm.

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Shrek cursor

nkey named Donkey. Despite initially being annoyed by Donkey, the two soon became unlikely friends. Their adventures began when Shrek's swamp was overrun by fairytale creatures, banished by the evil L...

Two Soyjaks Pointing Meme Animated

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Dudu & Bubu in Funny Bird Hats cursor

Get ready to upgrade your cursor game with the cutest custom cursor ever! This adorable cursor features Dudu and Bubu, two lovable characters wearing funny bird hats. The dynamic graphics will keep yo...

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Friday Night Funkin’ Green Impostor cursor

Imagine the epic clash when the top heroes from two animated games, Impostor and Boyfriend, collide! It's the battle of the century, and the stakes couldn't be higher. Will the cunning Impostor's wits...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Boo Fly & Toffee

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Boo Fly & Toffee cursor

Meet Toffee and Ludo, the two villains from the animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil, in our custom mouse cursor design! Toffee, an immortal Septarian monster, disguises himself as a member of ...

Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb cursor

Phineas and Ferb are two amazing stepbrothers who constantly surprise their fans with their incredible inventions, hilarious jokes, and funny adventures. They teach us to never be afraid to try new an...

South Park Big Black Scary Monster

South Park Big Black Scary Monster cursor

In the episode, the big scary black monster terrorizes South Park by devouring children and instilling fear into the 4th graders. Its dark, menacing appearance is accentuated by its four legs and two ...

DC League of Super-Pets Krypto & Badge

DC League of Super-Pets Krypto & Badge cursor

Krypto the super dog, accompanied by his loyal allies Super Cat Strictly and Batman's dog Ace, bravely protects Earth from intergalactic criminals. With the awesome powers of Superman, Krypto fearless...

Zatanna & Hat

Zatanna & Hat cursor

Join Zatanna, the powerful sorceress, as she takes you on a thrilling journey into the supernatural world. With her ability to manipulate magic, she is a true master of the elements. Experience her as...


Starfire cursor

Adopt the flirty and lovable Starfire at your own risk! Despite her sweet and sociable nature, this Tamaran princess is born a warrior. She can win any man's heart, but beware of provoking her, as her...

DC Poison Ivy

DC Poison Ivy cursor

Introducing the captivating Poison Ivy DC comics cursor! With her mesmerizing beauty, she effortlessly steals hearts and manipulates desires. As one of Batman's most iconic villains, she entices with ...

DC Batman Mech Batsuit & Logo Animated

DC Batman Mech Batsuit & Logo Animated cursor

The animated cursor set contains various icons and designs inspired by Ben Affleck's portrayal of Batman when he took on the mission to destroy the Justice League. It captures the essence of his dark ...

Flash & Logo

Flash & Logo cursor

Imagine traveling at light speed alongside a superhero like the Flash, exploring the vast expanse of the Universe. With this funart custom cursor, you can feel the excitement as you transcend barriers...

Batman & Batmobile

Batman & Batmobile cursor

The Dark Knight's crime-fighting abilities are enhanced by his special vehicle, the Batmobile. This remarkable car is incredibly fast, allowing Batman to quickly reach the scene and assist those in ne...

DC Joker & Card

DC Joker & Card cursor

Another DC Comics supervillain that fits the description is the infamous super assassin Deadshot. Known for his deadly accuracy and cold-heartedness, Deadshot often utilizes a razor-sharp playing card...

Superman & Logo

Superman & Logo cursor

Make friends with the world’s most beloved superhero, Superman, and his iconic emblem in Super! Despite having important meetings, Superman is always ready to help those in need, drawing strength from...

DC Raven

DC Raven cursor

Raven, a powerful and highly skilled DC mage, possesses the remarkable ability of teleportation. With a mere flicker, she effortlessly dissolves into thin air, reappearing in another dimension within ...


Superman cursor

Superman, the iconic superhero from DC Comics, is the epitome of bravery and crime-fighting. His unwavering commitment to upholding the law serves as a shining example for fellow heroes. The sight of ...

Mera & Trident

Mera & Trident cursor

Experience the awe-inspiring world of Mera, the queen of the underwater realm! With her immense strength and command over water, Mera is a force to be reckoned with. Discover her extraordinary abiliti...

Robin & Logo

Robin & Logo cursor

The logo of the heroic criminal fighter, Robin, is now accessible. This iconic image portrays a real superhero donning a red tunic with green sleeves, a yellow cloak, a yellow belt, and black boots. I...

Green Latern

Green Latern cursor

Join a Justice League team of extraordinary superheroes including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash. Protect the universe from the forces of evil and defend innocent lives. Use the power o...

Batman & Batarang

Batman & Batarang cursor

Join Batman, the fearless crime fighter who disguises himself as a mysterious bat, in his quest to protect the innocent. Despite the vast army of enemies he faces, Batman remains resilient and refuses...


Catwoman cursor

If I had nine lives, I might just be tempted to explore the razor's edge between light and darkness in Gotham City. Catwoman's allure lies in her deadly allure and undeniable beauty. She embodies both...

Aquaman & Trident

Aquaman & Trident cursor

Take control of the mystical water monsters as you dive into the depths with Aquaman. With his power and bravery, he rules over every mineral, fish, and resource within the murky depths. Aquaman, the ...

Reversible Octopus Animated

Reversible Octopus Animated cursor

Experience the playful and enchanting Reversible Octopus with this delightful mouse cursor. This set is sure to bring a whimsical charm to your screen, as the lovable creature flips between its two jo...

Sanrio Hangyodon & Sayuri Animated

Sanrio Hangyodon & Sayuri Animated cursor

lides across your screen, you'll be enchanted by the playful animations of Hangyodon swimming and Sayuri following along. With their vibrant colors and endearing expressions, these two characters are ...

Avatar Hakoda & Sokka’s Club

Avatar Hakoda & Sokka’s Club cursor

he two share a close bond. Hakoda's skilled leadership and bravery have been instrumental in defending the Water Tribe and guiding his people through times of turmoil. With his experience and wisdom, ...

Guns N’ Roses Slash

Guns N’ Roses Slash cursor

Slash is the renowned guitarist of an iconic American hard rock band, whose music has transcended multiple generations. His logo, featuring two pistols and braided rose stems, tells a tale of its own....

TMNT Leonardo & Katana Sword

TMNT Leonardo & Katana Sword cursor

The team leader and most experienced ninja of the brothers, Leonardo, breaks into our collection of free mouse cursors! Wearing a blue bandana and wielding two katanas, he exudes poise and strength. K...