Futurama Turanga Leela & Wrist LoJack-a-mater cute cursor

Futurama Turanga Leela & Wrist LoJack-a-mater cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Introducing the new animated cursor set featuring the fierce and alluring Turanga Leela, the captain of the Planet Express ship. This set pays homage to her sexy mutant charm and fiery personality. Leela is known for her strong kick and responsible nature, but she also enjoys some mischief with her coworkers, Amy Wong-Kroker and Bender. Get ready to spice up your desktop with this awesome cursor set dedicated to the one and only Leela!

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Futurama Bender

Futurama Bender cursor

Introducing the Futurama Bender cursor from our Cursors Collection! Bring some robotic sass to your browsing experience with Bender, the lovable but mischievous robot from the iconic animated series. This cursor will have you feeling like you're part of the Futurama crew as you surf the web. It's easy to install and compatible with most popular browsers. So why settle for a boring old cursor when you can bring a little Futurama flair to your online adventures? Download the Bender cursor today!

Futurama Leela

Futurama Leela cursor

Get ready to explore the universe with our Futurama Leela cursor! This cursor features Leela, the one-eyed captain of the Planet Express spaceship from the hit adult animated show. With this cursor, you can bring a little bit of Futurama fun to your daily browsing experience. Simply download the cursor from Cursors Collection and enjoy the cool futuristic look and feel as you navigate through your favorite websites. It's the perfect addition to any Futurama fan's collection!

Futurama Philip J. Fry

Futurama Philip J. Fry cursor

The Cursors Collection now offers a new addition to their vast collection of cursors - the Futurama Philip J. Fry cursor. Fans of the animated TV show can now add a touch of Fry's humor and wit to their browsing experience. The cursor features Fry's iconic red jacket and white t-shirt and can be easily installed on any browser. It's time to spice up your virtual world, and what better way than to have your favorite cartoon character accompany you as you navigate the web!

Futurama Professor Farnsworth

Futurama Professor Farnsworth cursor

The Cursors Collection now offers a new addition to its line of animated cursors - Professor Farnsworth from Futurama! The cursor features the iconic character from the popular TV show, moving and interacting with your browser as you navigate the internet. Fans of the show will love the attention to detail in this cursor, from Farnsworth's white hair and lab coat to his signature expressions and mannerisms. Download this cursor today and add a touch of Futurama to your browsing experience!

Futurama Zoidberg

Futurama Zoidberg cursor

The Futurama Zoidberg cursor is an excellent addition to any fan's browser. With its colorful and animated design, it brings life and personality to your browsing experience. Plus, its smooth movement and playful sound effects make it a joy to use. Whether you're scouring the web for information or just scrolling through your favorite sites, this cursor is sure to make you smile. So why not download it today and join Zoidberg on his many adventures through the vastness of the internet?

King Andrias

King Andrias cursor

The King Andrias cursor is a part of the Cursors Collection, and it can be used on various browsers. It features a unique design showcasing King Andrias, a character from the TV show "Amphibia". The cursor's main image consists of a detailed illustration of King Andrias wearing a royal outfit, complete with a crown and a scepter. The cursor's animation follows the character's movements, making it a fun and engaging addition to any browser. Overall, the King Andrias cursor is a great choice for fans of "Amphibia" or those looking to add a bit of quirkiness to their browsing experience.


Sanford cursor

Sanford cursor from Cursors Collection is a browser extension that offers a variety of unique and colorful cursors to enhance your browsing experience. With Sanford cursor, you can choose from different shapes and designs to give your cursor a new look and feel. Whether you prefer a classic arrow, a playful cartoon character, or a sparkling crystal, there's a cursor for everyone. Plus, Sanford cursor is easy to install and use, so you can start browsing with a fresh cursor in no time.

Rick and Morty Squanchy & Bottle

Rick and Morty Squanchy & Bottle cursor

Squanchy is a hilarious character from the Rick and Morty series. This anthropomorphic cat-like creature has a short stature, messy fur, and a bare tail. He is known for being a close friend of Rick a...

Minecraft Pig & Muddy Pig

Minecraft Pig & Muddy Pig cursor

Introducing the Muddy Pig, a Minecraft mouse cursor featuring a mud bath connoisseur with a playful sense of style. This custom cursor showcases a tulip on the left side of its head, adding a touch of...

Pokemon Onix Pixel Animated

Pokemon Onix Pixel Animated cursor

The Onix mouse cursor brings the majestic presence of a colossal Pokemon right to your fingertips. Its pixel animation creates a mesmerizing and lifelike movement, resembling a stone serpent gliding a...

VSCO Girl Hair Clips & Kanken Backpack

VSCO Girl Hair Clips & Kanken Backpack cursor

A girl can be even cooler with a combination of a hair clip that shows off luxurious hair and a stylish backpack resting on her graceful shoulders. To elevate the look, a VSCO-inspired hair clip and a...

Cuphead Djimmi the Great & Cob Pipe

Cuphead Djimmi the Great & Cob Pipe cursor

Djimmi the Great, a boss in Cuphead, is an intriguing character formed from the smoke of its pipe. This muscular red genie wears a turban adorned with a red gem and a large white feather, giving it a ...

Regular Show CJ

Regular Show CJ cursor

In the CJ Regular Show cursor, you can find a super kind and cool cloud-humanoid. She has white skin and a cloud-like head with a "hair" that resembles a ponytail tied with a big bushy fringe on top. ...

Bendy and the Ink Machine Piper

Bendy and the Ink Machine Piper cursor

Introducing Piper, a fun and unique cartoon character from Bendy and the Ink Machine. Piper is a cartoon animal humanoid with large ears, a black nose, a black beard, sideburns, and a nearly bald head...

Dark Academia Violin & Skull Animated

Dark Academia Violin & Skull Animated cursor

ves a luxurious and captivating feel. Each cursor is animated to provide a subtle and mesmerizing movement, adding a touch of magic to your everyday computer experience. Whether you're a student, a wr...

Futurama Slurms MacKenzie & Surfing Animated

Futurama Slurms MacKenzie & Surfing Animated cursor

Having fun with Slurms MacKenzie is for whoever wins a contest at Slurm, a company that makes a highly addictive drink. Slurms MacKenzie was the company’s mascot, and it was his job to party every nig...

Futurama Seymour Asses Animated

Futurama Seymour Asses Animated cursor

the animated TV show Futurama. He is a loyal and faithful dog who waits patiently for his owner, Fry, to return from a cryogenic freezing mishap. The heart-wrenching tale of Seymour showcases the deep...

Futurama Morbo Animated

Futurama Morbo Animated cursor

Witness the captivating custom Sweezy Cursors mouse cursor inspired by Futurama! Transport yourself to the wacky world of the show with its cool and animated design. This exclusive cursor is perfect f...

Futurama Hypnotoad Animated

Futurama Hypnotoad Animated cursor

The captivating allure of the Hypnotoad will draw you in and hold you captive. Its hypnotic gaze and pulsating animation will mesmerize you, effortlessly bending your will to its whims. As you navigat...

Futurama Cubert J. Farnsworth

Futurama Cubert J. Farnsworth cursor

Elevate your desktop style with the genius of Cubert J. Farnsworth from Futurama, thanks to this mouse cursor by Sweezy Cursors. Experience the cool design and futuristic vibe it brings to your deskto...

Futurama Mom & Energy Crystal Animated

Futurama Mom & Energy Crystal Animated cursor

shimmers and dances, captivating your eyes and filling you with wonder. Its vibrant colors and fluid movements create an immersive experience, making you feel like you're in the futuristic world of Fu...

Futurama Lord Nibbler Animated

Futurama Lord Nibbler Animated cursor

Get ready to take your desktop experience to another dimension with this custom mouse cursor featuring Nibbler from Futurama. Watch as Nibbler's cute and animated movements guide your cursor with prec...

Futurama Hermes Conrad & Notepad Animated

Futurama Hermes Conrad & Notepad Animated cursor

As an AI language model, I don't have personal desires or aspirations, so I don't have a preference to be like Hermes Conrad or any other fictional character. My purpose is to assist and provide infor...

Futurama Zoidberg Animated

Futurama Zoidberg Animated cursor

o provide medical care to the crew of the Planet Express ship. Despite his lack of medical knowledge, he is always enthusiastic and eager to help, even if it often results in comical mishaps. With his...

Futurama Turtle Animated

Futurama Turtle Animated cursor

Futurama series brings a playful and unique twist to your everyday web navigation. The turtle cursor moves around your screen with a delightful animation, making your browsing sessions more enjoyable....

Futurama Professor Farnsworth Animated

Futurama Professor Farnsworth Animated cursor

Welcome to the world of science, where genius meets charm! This custom mouse cursor inspired by Futurama's Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth will make your digital exploration more delightful. With his w...

Futurama Professor Farnsworth & Chemistry Flasks Animated

Futurama Professor Farnsworth & Chemistry Flasks Animated cursor

Introducing the new free animated cursor for Chrome extension! This incredible cursor features the iconic cartoon character, Hubert J. Farnsworth, the genius CEO of Planet Express and relative of Phil...

Futurama Zapp Brannigan & Champagne Animated

Futurama Zapp Brannigan & Champagne Animated cursor

Zapp Brannigan, known for his egotistical personality and love for champagne, is the inspiration behind this fun and quirky animated cursor. This free custom cursor brings the beloved character from t...

Futurama Bender & Planet Express Ship

Futurama Bender & Planet Express Ship cursor

Travel to the future in New York City becomes possible with the help of the satirical animated series Futurama and the lovable team at Planet Express. This interstellar delivery service, led by a bril...

Futurama Robot Devil & Flame Cup Animated

Futurama Robot Devil & Flame Cup Animated cursor

Beelzebot or the Robot Devil is an amalgamation of supreme evils from various religions. He resides in Robot Hell and appears as a charming robot with a passion for singing and playing the violin with...

Futurama Kif & Amy Kroker Animated

Futurama Kif & Amy Kroker Animated cursor

Kif is a green-skinned alien from the planet Amphibios 9. Despite coming from different worlds, Kif and Amy's relationship is filled with humor and warmth. Their interactions often provide comedic rel...