Black Hole & Galaxy cute cursor

Black Hole & Galaxy cursor

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The region at the center of our galaxy is a spectacular sight. Even the most advanced optical telescopes cannot penetrate it, but there are signs of immense cosmic events. Black holes are no longer black, as they emit radiance. The surrounding plasma cloud glows brightly, comparable to the brilliance of a hundred suns. Explore this wondrous space and witness the incredible phenomena that unfold within.

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The Fortnite Cursor Collection presents the Galaxy cursor for browsers, providing an out-of-this-world web browsing experience. Beautifully designed with a dark background, this cursor features a vibrant and colorful Galaxy pattern that will take you on a journey to the stars. With easy-to-install instructions, this cursor allows Fortnite fans to customize their browsers with a unique touch. Its smooth and responsive movements also make it a joy to use. Elevate your browsing experience with the Galaxy cursor from the Fortnite Cursor Collection!


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