Mickey Mouse & Hand cute cursor

Mickey Mouse & Hand cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The famous Mickey Mouse is loved by everyone for his ability to bring a sincere smile, lift spirits, and inspire positivity. With his iconic white-branded glove hand, set as an amazing cursor, Mickey Mouse will surely brighten your day with his infectious smile. This is a fun and cheerful way to add some joy to your computer experience. Let Mickey Mouse remind you to stay positive and spread happiness wherever you go!

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Minecraft cursor

Minecraft cursor is a custom mouse pointer designed to resemble the iconic cursor from the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. This cursor is a great addition for any Minecraft fan who wants to enhance their desktop or gaming experience. It replaces the traditional mouse pointer with a blocky, pixelated hand cursor that moves around the screen. The Minecraft cursor is easy to install and is compatible with most major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Some versions of the Minecraft cursor even come with different tool icons to match the different tools available in the game.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney cursor

The Walt Disney cursor for web browsers is a charming and playful addition to any online experience. Designed by the Web Media Cursor Collection, this cursor features the iconic Mickey Mouse ears, complete with a red bow. As users navigate their way around the web, this cursor brings a touch of magic and nostalgia to their browsing experience. Whether used by avid Disney fans or those simply looking for a fun cursor design, the Walt Disney cursor is sure to delight users of all ages.


Mouse cursor

The Cursors Collection offers a vast variety of mouse cursors for browsers that can add a touch of personalization and fun to your browsing experience. From simple and classic styles to animated and themed designs, there is something for everyone. Some popular options include the classic arrow cursor, a hand cursor for clicking on links, and a spinning loading cursor. With so many options to choose from, you can easily find a mouse cursor that suits your style and preferences.

Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha cursor

Madara Uchiha cursor from the Cursors Collection will add a touch of the Naruto anime into your browsing experience. The cursor features an animated image of the powerful Uchiha with his signature Sharingan eyes. With every move of your mouse, Madara's eyes will follow your cursor's movements, creating a dynamic effect on your screen. This cursor is perfect for fans of the Naruto anime or anyone looking to add a bit of fun and animation to their browsing. Get ready to feel the power of the Uchiha clan in your hands!

Hand and skull

Hand and skull cursor

The Cursors Collection has recently released a new cursor design featuring a skull and hand. This unique cursor design adds an edgy touch to any browsing experience. The skull and hand cursor is perfect for those who appreciate a darker aesthetic or for those who want to add a spooky flair to their desktop. This cursor is easy to install and can be used on any browser. Try out the skull and hand cursor from the Cursors Collection and give your browsing experience a creepy twist.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse cursor

Introducing the Mickey Mouse cursor from the Cursors Collection! Inject some fun into your browsing experience with this delightful cursor featuring everyone's favorite Disney character. The iconic white gloves and red shorts adorn the cursor, adding a touch of nostalgia to your online activities. Perfect for children and adults alike, this cursor is sure to bring a smile to your face as you navigate through the virtual world. Install it today and unleash the whimsy!

Orange Hand

Orange Hand cursor

The Cursors Collection offers an orange hand cursor for browsers as a visually appealing alternative to the standard white arrow. This cursor is easy to install and can be used on most browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The orange hand cursor adds a pop of color and personality to your browsing experience, while still being functional and easy to use. Whether you're navigating a website or clicking on links, the orange hand cursor will make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Try it out today!

Pink hand

Pink hand cursor

The Cursors Collection has released a new pink hand cursor for browsers. This cursor replaces the traditional arrow cursor and adds a cute and playful touch to web browsing. The vibrant pink color is eye-catching and the hand shape adds an interactive element to navigating websites. Users can easily install the pink hand cursor with just a few clicks and begin using it immediately. Overall, this cursor is a fun addition to any browser and is sure to make browsing the internet more enjoyable.

Yellow Hand Drawn Classic

Yellow Hand Drawn Classic cursor

Introducing the Yellow Hand Drawn Classic cursor from our delightful Classic Cursor Collection. This cursor is a true masterpiece, hand-drawn with love and care. Its vibrant yellow color adds a touch ...

Cartoon Hand Pointing Classic

Cartoon Hand Pointing Classic cursor

Introducing the Cartoon Hand Pointing Classic cursor from the Classic Cursor Collection! This cursor brings back the nostalgic feel of the classic mouse cursor with a fun twist. Designed with a cartoo...

Fantastic Fiery Claw Hand Fantasy

Fantastic Fiery Claw Hand Fantasy cursor

Introducing the Fantastic Fiery Claw Hand Fantasy cursor from the Fantasy Cursor Collection. This captivating cursor features a mesmerizing design of a flaming claw hand, perfect for adding a touch of...