DotA2 now is not just a simple game, it′s a real parallel world. In virtual reality in DotA2, you can do everything - live, fight, develop, travel, make friends. In general, everything is as in life, only at times more interesting. Dota 2 cursors are a continuation of a strategy that will allow you to get vivid emotions and express yourself in the real world. 

A new set of cursors includes the most striking characters in the game, as well as original items that can not be confused with anything else. 

Choose a cursor that will be closer to you - and embark on an adventure without leaving your workplace. How boring it is sometimes to be at work or to perform educational tasks, but with game cursors this problem will no longer confront you. 

A little imagination, a bright cursor - and voila, any business will be an unusual adventure, to cope with which will not be difficult and interesting. 

No need to restrain yourself. Do you like Dota? Then be sure to download our collection, select one or several random cursors at once - and each new day will become brighter, more interesting and saturated.

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