Water Drop Classic cute cursor

Water Drop Classic cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Introducing the Water Drop Classic cursor from the Classic Cursor Collection! This funart cursor is sure to enhance your browsing experience with its unique design and vibrant colors. With a simple installation process, you can easily add this cursor to your browser and enjoy a touch of creativity every time you surf the web. Upgrade your cursor today and make browsing more enjoyable than ever before.

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Trafalgar D. Water Law

Trafalgar D. Water Law cursor

Fans of anime series One Piece will definitely love this cursor! Trafalgar D. Water Law cursor from Cursors Collection features the famous surgeon of death from the popular anime and manga series. With his iconic yellow heart-shaped sunglasses, Law is one of the most beloved characters from the franchise. This cursor allows fans to feel closer to their favorite characters as they browse the web. Add a touch of anime to your browsing experience with this Trafalgar D. Water Law cursor!

The Water

The Water cursor

The Water Cursor is a refreshing addition to Cursors Collection's browser cursor options. Its blue droplet design makes it perfect for those who enjoy a calm and tranquil aesthetic while surfing the web. The cursor is easy to install and provides smooth movement across your screen. Its simple design also ensures that it doesn't distract from the content you're browsing. Add a touch of serenity to your browsing experience with the Water Cursor from Cursors Collection.

Black Water Rabbit

Black Water Rabbit cursor

The Black Water Rabbit cursor is a part of the Cursors Collection and would be a great addition to any browser. The cursor features a cute and detailed black rabbit with water droplets surrounding it. It would make browsing the internet a more enjoyable experience, as it adds a touch of fun and personality to the cursor. The quality of the cursor is excellent, and it is easy to install on any browser. Overall, if you are looking for a unique and fun cursor, the Black Water Rabbit cursor would be an excellent choice.


Common cursor

Cursors Collection is a repository of various cursor designs for browsers. One of the most common cursors is the arrow cursor, which is used to indicate the user's ability to click on a link or button. The hand cursor is also frequently used to indicate clickable elements. The text cursor, which appears as a vertical line, is used to indicate where text may be entered. Other cursors in the collection include the hourglass for loading, the crosshair for precision selection, and the grab cursor for drag-and-drop actions.

Water Naruto

Water Naruto cursor

Experience the power of water with the Water Naruto cursor from the Naruto Cursor Collection. This unique and funart cursor will bring the excitement of Naruto to your browser. Dive into the world of ...

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3D White Pixel Classic cursor

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Pixel Classic

Pixel Classic cursor

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Misty Pokemon

Misty Pokemon cursor

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Slowpoke Pokemon

Slowpoke Pokemon cursor

Introducing the Slowpoke Pokemon cursor from the exciting Pokemon Cursor Collection! This adorable cursor featuring Slowpoke, the leisurely Water/Psychic type Pokemon, is sure to bring joy to your bro...