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Comic Cursors: Choose your mood today.

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Virtual reality: who are you playing today?

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Favorite cartoon characters in a new design

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Lord of the Cursor: Brotherhood of the Desktop

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Everyone loves anime: who is your favorite character?

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Are you a real sports fan? Then you are here

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The car of your dreams: a large fleet of vehicles for professionals

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Favorite motives: collection of cursors "Memes"


Latest Cute Cursors

Monkey puppet

Monkey puppet cursor

Add some playful fun to your browsing experience with the Monkey Puppet cursor from Cursors Collecti...

Daroach cursor

The Daroach cursor is an exciting addition to the Kirby Cursor Collection that fans will love. This ...

Susie cursor

The Susie cursor from the Cursors Collection is a fun and playful addition to your web browsing expe...

Dodge cursor

The Dodge cursor from the Cursors Collection is a fun way to add some personality to your browsing e...
Grinch Pixel

Grinch Pixel cursor

Introducing the Grinch Pixel cursor from Cursors Collection! Add a touch of holiday spirit to your b...

Orange cursor

The Cursors Collection offers an orange cursor for your browser, perfect for those who want to add a...
Among Us Lisa Simpson Character

Among Us Lisa Simpson Character cursor

The Among Us Lisa Simpson character cursor is a fun addition to any browser. This cursor features Li...

Yushiro cursor

Yushiro cursor is a popular cursor from Cursors Collection that has a sleek and modern design. This ...

Raiden cursor

Cursors Collection offers a sleek and stylish Raiden cursor for your browser. This cursor features t...
Owo and Uwu

Owo and Uwu cursor

The Cursors Collection now features two adorable new cursors: Owo and Uwu! These cursors are perfect...
Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha cursor

The Obito Uchiha cursor for browser is an exciting addition to the Cursors Collection. Fans of the N...
God Aid

God Aid cursor

God Aid cursor from Cursors Collection is a unique and vibrant cursor that will make your browsing e...
Kawaii Lamp

Kawaii Lamp cursor

Cursors Collection introduces their latest addition, the Kawaii Lamp cursor for browsers. This adora...

Mushrooms cursor

The Cursors Collection now features a fun and quirky Mushroom Cursor for browsers! This cursor displ...
Kawaii Poo

Kawaii Poo cursor

Introducing the adorable Kawaii Poo cursor from Cursors Collection! Spruce up your browser with this...


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Audio Equalizer - EQ

Audio Equalizer - EQ

Audio Equalizer - adjust volume of sound, bass booster, sound booster, dim the highs. EQ Audio Equalizer for all website!

CM Cursors

CM Cursors

Use the cursor today and use something else tomorrow. Always be fashionable and creative, even in the office or in the classroom. Only you can know how beautiful and beautiful ordinary work on a laptop can be.

CM CC Cursors

CM CC Cursors

Replaces default cursor with something cute, funny and trendy. Change the usual mouse pointer to an amazing Cute Cursors.


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