Monster High Draculaura & Umbrella Animated cute cursor

Monster High Draculaura & Umbrella Animated cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Meet Draculaura, one of Monster High's beloved heroines! As the adopted daughter of Count Dracula, she brings an energetic and friendly personality to the table. Draculaura easily gets along with everyone, though occasionally displays a hint of childish behavior. Her adorable pet bat, Count the Magnificent, is her pride and joy, dressing him up in cute pink outfits. With her charming charm and unique style, Draculaura is a force to be reckoned with at Monster High!

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Star vs. the Forces of Evil Miss Heinous & Gemini

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nded laser beams would shoot out of her eyes, revealing her true monster form. However, it was later revealed that Miss Heinous was actually the daughter of Queen Eclipsa, making her a direct descenda...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Boo Fly & Toffee

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Boo Fly & Toffee cursor

Meet Toffee and Ludo, the two villains from the animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil, in our custom mouse cursor design! Toffee, an immortal Septarian monster, disguises himself as a member of ...

Star vs. the Forces of Evil Monster Arm Animated

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South Park Big Black Scary Monster

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Brick Game Console & Tamagotchi

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ears ago. Additionally, technology has enabled us to connect with others on a deeper level. Social media platforms and video calling apps bring people closer together, bridging gaps and allowing for m...

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Vintage Teddy Bear

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Monster High Frankie Stein Animated

Monster High Frankie Stein Animated cursor

Frankenstein’s daughter, Frankie Stein, is the main character of the Monster High line of dolls. She is known for being naive, curious, and friendly, and she came to Monster High with the goal of maki...


LEGO cursor

Introducing the revolutionary Lego arm and snap-on brick technology, a vibrant leader in the world of evolving toys. With these incredible accessories, you can now build cities complete with infrastru...

Bath Duck

Bath Duck cursor

This cute yellow duck brings joy with its delightful squeak and splash. Once you hold it in your arms, you won't want to let it go. It's not just a toy for water treatments, but also turns computer pa...

Reversible Octopus Animated

Reversible Octopus Animated cursor

Experience the playful and enchanting Reversible Octopus with this delightful mouse cursor. This set is sure to bring a whimsical charm to your screen, as the lovable creature flips between its two jo...

Toy Rake & Sand Castle

Toy Rake & Sand Castle cursor

The Toy Rake and Sand Castle custom cursor transports you to the coast, capturing the refreshing scent of sea water and cool air, along with the unique sound of sand. It highlights the often overlooke...

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If you have a magic shark toy, you can have an adorable and unique photo shoot or use it as a comfy pillow to relax. Not only is it fun to play with, but it also makes for a great decoration! The blue...

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Looney Tunes Angus MacRor & Gun

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In a comical twist, Angus MacRor turns out to be a brave and resilient Scotsman who instantly befriends Bugs Bunny. Together, they embark on a hilarious adventure to hunt down the imaginary monster. A...

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Technoblade, the PvP monster, has infiltrated the collection of Dream SMP cursors and is seeking challenges. However, his only opponents will be those who willingly choose to face him. Armed with a fo...