Black & White Squares cute cursor

Black & White Squares cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Looking for a hilarious prank to play on your friends? Check out the Black & White Squares cursor from the Pranks Cursor Collection. This unconventional cursor will surely leave your friends puzzled and amused. Switching their usual cursors with these black and white squares will bring laughs to both sides. Don't miss this unusual prank idea and have a great time with your friends.

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Curved cursor

The Pranks Cursor Collection has introduced a new curved cursor for browsers. This novelty cursor adds a unique touch to the user's browsing experience, making it more enjoyable and fun. The curved shape of the cursor follows the natural movement of the hand, making browsing more intuitive and effortless. Users can easily download and install the Pranks Cursor Collection to get access to this and other exciting cursor designs. The collection includes a range of creative and humorous cursor designs, perfect for those looking to add some personality to their computer.

Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox cursor

Get ready to root for the Chicago White Sox with this amazing cursor for your browser! This cursor features the iconic black and white logo of the Chicago White Sox, one of the most beloved and storied teams in Major League Baseball. This cursor is part of the MLB Teams Cursor Collection, which includes cursors for all 30 teams in the league. With this cursor, you can show your support for the White Sox every time you browse the internet!


Multiple cursor

Pranks Cursor Collection has introduced a new feature to their browser extension - the multiple cursor option. This feature allows users to have several cursors on their screen at once, each controlled by a different mouse. It's perfect for collaborative work or simply for causing chaos during online meetings. The extension includes a variety of funny and quirky cursor designs to choose from, including a floating banana and a bouncing cartoon character. Users can download the extension for free and start multi-cursing today.

Forbidden Pointer

Forbidden Pointer cursor

The Forbidden Pointer cursor is a fun and mischievous addition to the Pranks Cursor Collection. This cursor features an image of a hand with its middle finger extended, clearly implying a rude gesture. It is a great choice for anyone who enjoys playing pranks on their friends or colleagues, and is sure to make them chuckle (or possibly scowl, depending on their sense of humor). With its bold design and bold statement, the Forbidden Pointer cursor is the perfect way to express your rebellious side.

Little Pointer

Little Pointer cursor

Introducing the Little Pointer cursor from our Pranks Cursor Collection! This cursor is perfect for those who love to play harmless pranks on their friends and family. It features a tiny hand with a pointing finger that moves around the screen, mimicking the movement of a real cursor. Your unsuspecting victim will be clicking on all the wrong things, while you have a good laugh. So, if you're looking to add some fun to your browsing experience, download our Little Pointer cursor today!

Pointer poop

Pointer poop cursor

The Pointer Poop Cursor from the Pranks Cursor Collection is a hilarious prank to play on friends or coworkers. This cursor appears as a small pile of poop that follows the user's mouse movements, leaving a trail of stinky and comical "droppings" behind it. While it may not be suitable for professional environments or for those with delicate sensibilities, this cursor is sure to bring a smile to the faces of those who appreciate a good prank. So why not give it a try and see who falls for it?

On the other side

On the other side cursor

Pranks Cursor Collection's "Other Side" cursor is a fun and playful addition to any browser. This cursor features a smiling cartoon face on one side and a frowning face on the other, indicating two different emotions or perspectives. As the cursor moves around the screen, the face will rotate to either side, adding a touch of whimsy to your browsing experience. This cursor is perfect for those who enjoy adding a bit of humor to their digital interactions, and is sure to bring a smile to your face every time you use it.

Upside down

Upside down cursor

Introducing the Upside Down Cursor from the Pranks Cursor Collection! This funky cursor will surely turn your browsing experience upside down. You'll have to think twice before clicking on anything as the cursor will be moving in the opposite direction. It's the perfect prank to play on your friends or colleagues who love to browse the internet. Install the Upside Down Cursor today and add some fun to your web surfing. Just be prepared for some confused looks from those around you!

On the contrary

On the contrary cursor

If you're looking for a fun and playful cursor for your browser, consider checking out the Pranks Cursor Collection. With a range of unique designs, this collection includes everything from funny faces to cute animals and even animated options. Why settle for a boring default cursor when you can add some personality to your browsing experience? Whether you're looking to prank your friends or just want to inject some fun into your day, the Pranks Cursor Collection has something for everyone. So why not give it a try and see what kind of mischief you can get up to?


Flattened cursor

The Pranks Cursor Collection introduces a new addition to its playful cursor assortment with the flattened cursor for browsers. This cursor takes the traditional arrow shape and smooshes it down, creating a comical and distinctive effect. Its bold design is perfect for adding a touch of humor to any website or online project. Users who love to inject a little laughter into their browsing experience can download and install this flattened cursor from the Pranks Cursor Collection's website.

Obanai Iguro

Obanai Iguro cursor

The Obanai Iguro cursor is a unique addition to the Cursors Collection. This cursor features a stylized version of the character from the anime "Demon Slayer", complete with his distinctive white hair and black and white uniform. The cursor's design is crisp and clean, making it easy to see and use, and it adds a touch of personality to any browsing experience. With its high-quality design and eye-catching appearance, the Obanai Iguro cursor is a must-have for any fan of "Demon Slayer" or anime in general.


Albedo cursor

Introducing the Albedo cursor for your browser, now available in the Cursors Collection. This sleek and modern cursor features a black and white design with a subtle gradient effect, making it easy to spot on any background. Its smooth animation and precise movements ensure a seamless browsing experience. Upgrade your cursor game and add a touch of sophistication with the Albedo cursor. Download now and elevate your browsing experience.


BMW cursor

The BMW Cursor from Cursors Collection is a sleek and stylish addition to your browser. This cursor features the iconic BMW logo, with the lettering in bold white against a black background, and the circular emblem in silver with black detailing. The cursor is smooth and easy to use, adding a touch of luxury to your browsing experience. Whether you're a BMW enthusiast or simply appreciate a well-designed cursor, the BMW Cursor from Cursors Collection is a must-have.

Kurousa and Shirousa

Kurousa and Shirousa cursor

The Kurousa and Shirousa cursors from Cursors Collection are a cute and fun addition to any browser. Featuring black and white bunnies, the cursors are perfect for those who love animals or want to add some whimsy to their browsing experience. The design of the cursors is clean and simple, making them easy to use and navigate with. Overall, the Kurousa and Shirousa cursors are a delightful way to enhance your browsing experience.


Logic cursor

The Logic cursor from Cursors Collection is a stylish addition to your browser. Its sleek and minimalist design features a black and white circular emblem with a white arrow in the center. When hovering over clickable elements, the arrow turns into a hand, making it easy to navigate your way around your favorite websites. The Logic cursor is easy to install and use, and adds a touch of sophistication to your browsing experience.


Supreme cursor

The Supreme cursor from Cursors Collection is a stylish accessory for your browser that adds a touch of class to your browsing experience. The sleek and modern design of the cursor is sure to impress, with its bold black and white color scheme and iconic logo. This cursor is both functional and fashionable, with smooth and responsive movement that makes navigating the web a breeze. Make a statement with the Supreme cursor from Cursors Collection today.

Kuromi Rabbit Hello Kitty

Kuromi Rabbit Hello Kitty cursor

The Kuromi Rabbit Hello Kitty cursor is part of the Hello Kitty Cursor Collection. Kuromi is the rival of My Melody, and is depicted as a white rabbit or imp-like creature. It wears a black jester's h...

Spy x Family Bond Forger

Spy x Family Bond Forger cursor

The Bond Forger cursor from the Spy X Family Cursor Collection features a depiction of Forger's family pet, also known as Subject 8. This cursor showcases the large dog's white fur and black paws, cap...

Alternative macOS

Alternative macOS cursor

The Alternative macOS cursor from the Pranks Cursor Collection is a cleverly harmless prank that may initially go unnoticed. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the cursor and point...

Inverted Windows

Inverted Windows cursor

If you want to prank your friend or girlfriend with an inverted Windows cursor, you can find it in the Pranks Cursor Collection. This prank involves using a cursor that has an inverted pointer. It goe...

Swapped macOS

Swapped macOS cursor

In this harmless and funny prank, I swapped the macOS cursor for a browser cursor from the Pranks Cursor Collection. The prank involves switching the positions of the cursor and the pointer, leading t...

Unavailable Windows

Unavailable Windows cursor

your friends won't suspect that you are playing a prank on them. The Unavailable Windows cursor can be downloaded from the Pranks Cursor Collection website, and once installed, it will make their curs...

Alternative Windows

Alternative Windows cursor

Add some excitement to your parents' computer experience with the Pranks Cursor Collection. Surprise them with an alternative Windows cursor for their web browsing. This harmless prank is an easy way ...

Swapped Windows

Swapped Windows cursor

them to be utterly confused as they try to navigate their way through their computer screen. The subtle yet hilarious switch between the pointer and cursor will leave them scratching their heads and q...

Unavailable macOS

Unavailable macOS cursor

h as he struggles to use his computer with an "unavailable" cursor. This prank can be both funny and harmless, as it only affects the visual appearance of the cursor and does not actually damage the c...

Inverted macOS

Inverted macOS cursor

The Pranks Cursor Collection for macOS includes an inverted cursor for your browser. If your cursor has suddenly turned upside down, don't worry, it's not a mistake! Someone has played a prank on you ...

Omori & Knife Animated

Omori & Knife Animated cursor

Omori is a unique gaming experience that takes players on a deep and introspective journey through the subconscious. With this black and white animated cursor featuring Omori and his trusty knife, you...

Felix the Cat Felix & Magic Bag

Felix the Cat Felix & Magic Bag cursor

Felix the Cat Felix & Magic Bag cursor is a delightful addition to the Cartoons Cursor Collection for web browsers. Felix, the iconic black and white cat with his big eyes and wide smile, was a pionee...

Wednesday Addams & Thing Animated

Wednesday Addams & Thing Animated cursor

This custom cursor captures the essence of Wednesday Addams and the Addams family with its black, gothic-style design. It features Wednesday and Thing, exuding a spooky aesthetic with a white outline ...

Black & White Owl Animated

Black & White Owl Animated cursor

ith intricate black and white details, its piercing eyes gazing forward with a sense of intelligence and grace. Whether you're browsing the web or working on a project, this animated cursor adds a uni...

FNaF Purple Guy

FNaF Purple Guy cursor

Meet the infamous Purple Guy, a cruel and manipulative mastermind who effortlessly gains your trust. With his towering figure, purple complexion, black eyes, and white pupils, he is truly a haunting p...

White Cat

White Cat cursor

You can take advantage of this great opportunity to adorn your PC with a mouse cursor featuring a white cat, which is believed to bring good luck as the counterpart to the black cat symbolizing bad lu...

Halloween Vampire & Cross

Halloween Vampire & Cross cursor

The vampire fashion has evolved significantly. Count Dracula, once known for his black cloak and big white fangs, has now paved the way for a modern twist. Vampires embrace a sense of sophistication a...

Cuphead Beppi the Clown & Bumper Car Jerry

Cuphead Beppi the Clown & Bumper Car Jerry cursor

Introducing the Beppi the Clown funart custom cursor for Cuphead! This boss character from Cuphead wears a red and white face mask and a small black top hat, hinting at his mischievous plans. Get read...

3D Black Stroke Mac

3D Black Stroke Mac cursor

Many people argue that life is not just black and white, but fail to realize that many beautiful things originate from these simple colors. For those with a categorical mentality, we introduce the 3D ...

3D Mac

3D Mac cursor

Experience the essence of purity, freshness, and mystery with the 3D Mac cursor. This funart custom cursor combines the symbolism of white, representing perfection, joy, and divinity, with black, symb...

BTS BT21 Van

BTS BT21 Van cursor

Meet Van, the cosmic black and white robot who holds all the knowledge about the world and is dedicated to protecting BT21 at all times. With a heartwarming personality, Van is sure to win your heart!...

LGBTQ Non-Binary

LGBTQ Non-Binary cursor

This black-purple-yellow-white flag represents non-binary pride and the non-binary community's values. Non-binary individuals do not identify exclusively as male or female. Some may identify as a mix ...

White & Black Converse Chuck Taylor

White & Black Converse Chuck Taylor cursor

Enter the digital fashion realm with the unique white & black Converse custom mouse cursor. Combining the essence of classic kicks with cursor creativity, this mouse cursor elevates your style game as...

Black and White Pixel Animated

Black and White Pixel Animated cursor

Travel back in time to the world of classic retro gaming with this stunning black-and-white pixel custom mouse cursor. Designed to evoke the nostalgia of gaming's golden age, this animated cursor adds...