Girl Flex & 8 Animated cute cursor

Girl Flex & 8 Animated cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Get ready to have a powerful browsing experience with the Girl Flex Animated Cursor! This custom cursor showcases a bold and self-assured girl flexing her muscles, adding a touch of strength and attitude to your digital journey. With its dynamic animation, this cursor is the perfect companion for those who love to showcase their style and confidence. It's time to power up your browsing and let this fierce cursor guide you through the digital world. Flex your style and attitude with the Girl Flex Animated Cursor!

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8-Ball cursor

The 8-Ball cursor from the Fortnite Chapter 2 Cursor Collection adds a touch of excitement to your browser experience. Featuring the iconic black and white 8-Ball logo, the cursor is sleek and stylish, making it perfect for gamers and enthusiasts alike. Its smooth animation and responsive movement ensure that your browsing experience is not only visually satisfying but also efficient. Whether you're a hardcore Fortnite player or simply a fan of the game's aesthetic, the 8-Ball cursor is a must-have for anyone looking to add a little bit of fun to their browsing experience.

8 bit

8 bit cursor

Introducing the 8-bit cursor, a retro-inspired addition to Starting Kit's Cursor Collection. This cursor is perfect for gamers, nostalgia enthusiasts, or anyone looking to add a touch of vintage style to their browsing experience. With its pixelated design and minimalistic aesthetic, the 8-bit cursor will transport you back to the days of classic video games. So why settle for a boring, standard cursor when you can upgrade to the 8-bit cursor and inject some personality into your browsing? Download it now from Starting Kit!


8-Ball cursor

The 8-Ball cursor from the Cursors Collection is a fun and unique way to add some personality to your browser. This cursor features a realistic-looking pool ball with the number 8 emblazoned on it, and it moves smoothly and seamlessly across your screen. Whether you're a fan of billiards or just looking for a fun new cursor design, the 8-Ball cursor is sure to impress. It's easy to install and use, so why not give it a try and see how it enhances your browsing experience?

Droid BB-8  Star Wars

Droid BB-8 Star Wars cursor

The Droid BB-8 Star Wars cursor is part of the Star Wars Cursor Collection and is a funart cursor. Add some Star Wars flair to your browser with this interactive and animated cursor depicting the lova...

Felicia The Cat Girl Sonic

Felicia The Cat Girl Sonic cursor

Introducing Felicia The Cat Girl Sonic cursor from the Sonic Cursor Collection! This funart cursor is perfect for adding a playful touch to your browsing experience. Sporting Felicia's iconic cat girl...

Boxy Girl Fortnite

Boxy Girl Fortnite cursor

Introducing the Boxy Girl Fortnite cursor, now available in the Fortnite Cursor Collection for your browser. This custom cursor features the popular Boxy Girl character from Fortnite, adding a touch o...

Star Wars BB-8

Star Wars BB-8 cursor

The Star Wars BB-8 cursor from the Star Wars Cursor Collection allows you to navigate the galaxy with your very own droid. BB-8, the true companion, will impress you with its remarkable capabilities. ...

Cyberpunk Anime Girl Animated

Cyberpunk Anime Girl Animated cursor

Experience the cyberpunk aesthetic in your browser with our animated cursor from the Anime Cursor Collection. This cursor showcases a captivating cyberpunk anime girl, immersing you in a neon-lit worl...

Anime Girl with Cat Ears Animated

Anime Girl with Cat Ears Animated cursor

Add a touch of whimsy to your browsing experience with the Anime Girl with Cat Ears Animated cursor from the Anime Cursor Collection. This adorable anime girl features a pair of cute cat ears on her h...

8 Ball Pool Animated

8 Ball Pool Animated cursor

Introducing the 8 Ball Pool animated cursor from the Games Cursor Collection! This cursor is not only visually appealing but also a fun art cursor. Now you can add a touch of excitement to your browsi...

Fancy Pants Adventures Cutie Pants Girl & Kaboodle Animated

Fancy Pants Adventures Cutie Pants Girl & Kaboodle Animated cursor

Introducing the Fancy Pants Adventures Cutie Pants Girl & Kaboodle Animated cursor from the Games Cursor Collection! This cursor is not just any ordinary cursor, it is a funart cursor that brings joy ...

Big City Greens Tilly Green & Melissa Animated

Big City Greens Tilly Green & Melissa Animated cursor

Introducing the Big City Greens Tilly Green & Melissa animated cursor! From the Cartoons Cursor Collection, this cursor captures the essence of Tilly Green, the free-spirited and quirky farm girl, alo...

Infinity Train Tulip Olsen & One-One Animated

Infinity Train Tulip Olsen & One-One Animated cursor

Tulip Olsen is the main character in the animated series Infinity Train. As a thirteen-year-old girl with red hair, she navigates through the train's endless carriages in search of an exit. To pay hom...

Daria Morgendorffer

Daria Morgendorffer cursor

For fans of the animated series "Daria", we have created a Daria Morgendorffer cursor. Daria, a teenage girl with her unique perspective on the world, dislikes shopping, parties, family trips, and sma...

The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup

The Powerpuff Girls Buttercup cursor

Buttercup is considered the best Powerpuff Girl because she is the toughest fighter among them. She defies traditional gender roles by not conforming to the stereotypical "girl" behavior. She loves ge...

Disaster Girl Meme Animated

Disaster Girl Meme Animated cursor

The Disaster Girl Meme Animated cursor from the Memes Cursor Collection is now available for your browser. This cursor, inspired by the infamous Disaster Girl meme, allows you to embrace the power of ...

VSCO Girl & Scrunchie Animated

VSCO Girl & Scrunchie Animated cursor

ng a scrunchie and embracing the VSCO lifestyle. The animated cursor features a cute VSCO Girl holding a scrunchie and swinging it back and forth, adding a touch of playfulness to your browsing experi...

Medieval Key & Lock Animated

Medieval Key & Lock Animated cursor

Introducing the Medieval Key & Lock animated cursor - an extraordinary digital treasure that will ignite your imagination! This cursor goes beyond the ordinary, serving as the ultimate mouse cursor on...

Domino Animated

Domino Animated cursor

Experience the thrill of the Domino animated cursor as it brings the world of dominoes to life on your screen. With seamless movement and interactive gameplay, every click becomes a fun-filled challen...

Colorful Trippy Mushroom Animated

Colorful Trippy Mushroom Animated cursor

Immerse yourself in a mind-bending trip through our Trippy Mushroom animated mouse cursor! Prepare for an enchanting adventure as this cursor embellishes your screen with vivid, psychedelic mushrooms....

LK-99 Animated

LK-99 Animated cursor

The LK-99 animated cursor offers a glimpse into the captivating world of scientific exploration and innovation. This custom mouse cursor is not your typical pointer; it represents the pixelated form o...

Colorful Eyeball Animated

Colorful Eyeball Animated cursor

Step into the realm of eccentricity with our colorful eyeball animated cursor! This cursor is not your ordinary pointer – it's a cosmic companion for your digital expeditions. This enigmatic and entra...

Colorful Airplane Animated

Colorful Airplane Animated cursor

The Colorful Airplane cursor is a mesmerizing and dynamic addition to your computer experience. Its vibrant colors and animated design will capture attention and inject excitement into your digital in...

Summer Beach Animated

Summer Beach Animated cursor

Experience the perfect summer getaway with our Summer Beach custom mouse cursor! This vibrant and animated cursor will bring the beach right to your computer screen. Feel the sun on your face and the ...

Dice Animated

Dice Animated cursor

Our animated mouse cursor is not just a pointer, but a thrilling journey into the unpredictable world of rolling dice. With skillful design, this cursor embodies the essence of chance and excitement. ...

Beach Ball Animated

Beach Ball Animated cursor

Immerse yourself in the ultimate summer atmosphere with our Beach Ball mouse cursor! This animated cursor will transport you to the beach, adding a burst of energy to your digital activities. Indulge ...

Magic Wand Animated

Magic Wand Animated cursor

Unleash the enchantment of the mystical realm with our mesmerizing Magic Wand mouse cursor! Feel the power at your fingertips as you control this animated wonder. Your mouse cursor will be transformed...

Summer Color Pixel Animated

Summer Color Pixel Animated cursor

The free mouse cursor is a vibrant and artistic addition to your digital experience. With its animated pixel art, it is the perfect choice for creative individuals. Whether you are a designer, gamer, ...

Pixel Glasses Animated

Pixel Glasses Animated cursor

The pixel glasses animated mouse cursor is a must-have for those looking to add a touch of retro coolness to their computer experience. This free cursor brings together style and nostalgia, making it ...

Spades Cards Animated

Spades Cards Animated cursor

Our animated Spades Cards mouse cursor is a must-have for card game enthusiasts. It perfectly captures the elegance and excitement of playing Spades, immersing you in a world of strategy and skill. Wi...

Puzzles Animated

Puzzles Animated cursor

Our custom puzzle mouse cursors add an extra element of entertainment to your computer experience. With animated designs, you can feel like you're solving puzzles while using your mouse cursor. Say go...

Torch Pixel Animated

Torch Pixel Animated cursor

Introducing the Torch Pixel animated mouse cursor, your ultimate companion in the dark. With its stunning visual effects, this custom cursor provides a guiding light that pierces through the shadows, ...

Waterfall Animated

Waterfall Animated cursor

Indulge in the captivating design of the Waterfall mouse cursor, which beautifully emulates the enchanting flow of cascading water. Elevate your desktop aesthetics with this mesmerizing animated curso...

Girl Power & Pink Bra Animated

Girl Power & Pink Bra Animated cursor

u can show off your girl power without spending any money. The pink bra symbol represents strength, confidence, and solidarity among women. Adding this cursor to your desktop will not only add a touch...

Funny Lit Match Animated

Funny Lit Match Animated cursor

Introducing the Funny Lit Match custom mouse cursor! This scorching spectacle will ignite your desktop with its animated flame flickering and leaping across your screen. Get ready to feel the heat as ...

Nickelodeon Logo Animated

Nickelodeon Logo Animated cursor

The Nickelodeon Animated Cursor is a fun and lively addition to your screen. With its vibrant Nickelodeon splat logo, it captures the essence of your beloved cartoons. Whether you're a fan of classic ...

Twister Animated

Twister Animated cursor

add some fun to your computer screen. As you navigate through your tasks, the Twister animated mouse cursor will spin and twist, bringing a playful element to your digital workspace. Whether you're wo...

Green Radar Screen Animated

Green Radar Screen Animated cursor

This animated cursor, with its green radar screen and rotating beam, brings the excitement of a top-secret military base control center to your desktop. Perfect for gamers, tech enthusiasts, or anyone...

Jewelry Ring & Diamond Animated

Jewelry Ring & Diamond Animated cursor

Experience the enchanting elegance of the Jewelry Ring & Diamond Animated Cursor. This exquisite custom cursor shines brightly, embodying the timeless allure of precious gems. With every click, it gra...

Clockwork Jaw Animated

Clockwork Jaw Animated cursor

The Clockwork Jaw animated cursor from the Mix Cursor Collection is a unique addition to your browser. With its mechanical design, it adds a touch of creativity and intrigue to your browsing experienc...