Chicken and Fox Minecraft cute cursor

Chicken and Fox Minecraft cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Introducing the Chicken and Fox Minecraft cursor from the Minecraft Cursor Collection! This adorable cursor features a chicken and a fox, making it a perfect addition to your Minecraft gaming experience. With its funart design, it adds a playful touch to your browsing. Whether you're exploring blocks or maneuvering through Minecraft websites, this cursor will surely make your browsing experience more enjoyable. Get ready to embark on new adventures with the Chicken and Fox Minecraft cursor!

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Chica Chicken

Chica Chicken cursor

The Chica Chicken cursor from the Five Nights at Freddy Cursor Collection is a must-have for any fan of the spine-chilling game. This browser cursor boasts an incredibly detailed and realistic design of Chica, the playful but terrifying animatronic character. As you navigate the internet, Chica will accompany you on your browsing journey, adding a touch of thrill to your daily routine. Downloading this cursor will give your browsing experience a whole new level of excitement and terror. Get ready to be scared out of your wits with Chica Chicken by your side!

Fox Foxy

Fox Foxy cursor

Introducing the Fox Foxy cursor for your browser, now available as a part of the Five Nights at Freddy Cursor Collection. This cursor features an iconic character from the beloved game, Five Nights at Freddy's. With its sleek design and smooth animation, the Fox Foxy cursor adds a touch of excitement and fun to your browsing experience. Upgrade your cursor today and join the millions of fans who have fallen in love with Five Nights at Freddy's!

Easter Bunny and Chicken

Easter Bunny and Chicken cursor

Cursors Collection features a delightful Easter Bunny and Chicken cursor set for your browser. The cute and colorful cursors are perfect for adding fun to your Easter browsing experience. The set includes various cursor designs such as a hopping bunny, a pecking chicken, a colorful Easter egg, and more. The cursors are easy to install and will instantly add a festive touch to your computer screen. Get into the spirit of Easter with these adorable cursors from the Cursors Collection.

Among Us Fox Character

Among Us Fox Character cursor

The Among Us Fox Character cursor from Cursors Collection is an adorable addition to any browser. With its cute and mischievous appearance, it is perfect for those who love the game Among Us and the animal fox. The cursor is easy to install and allows users to add a touch of personality to their browsing experience. Whether you're a casual web surfer or a hardcore gamer, this cursor is sure to bring a smile to your face and make your browser feel more fun and personalized.

Chica Chicken

Chica Chicken cursor

Looking for a fun and cute way to customize your browser cursor? The Chica Chicken cursor from Cursors Collection might just be the perfect option for you! This adorable cursor features an animated chicken character that will follow your cursor movements around your screen. It is easy to install and use, and is sure to make browsing more enjoyable and entertaining. Give your cursor a fun and unique touch with the Chica Chicken cursor from Cursors Collection today!

Christmas Fox Pixel

Christmas Fox Pixel cursor

Get into the festive spirit with the Christmas Fox Pixel cursor from Cursors Collection! This cute and quirky cursor features a pixelated fox wearing a Santa hat, perfect for adding some holiday cheer to your browsing experience. Whether you're shopping for presents online or just browsing the web, this cursor is sure to put a smile on your face. So why wait? Download the Christmas Fox Pixel cursor today and start spreading some holiday joy!


Fox cursor

The Fox Cursor is a fun addition to your web browsing experience from Cursors Collection. This cursor features a cute and detailed fox design, with bright orange fur and black accents. It has an animated tail that moves as you navigate around the screen, adding an extra touch of whimsy to your browsing. The cursor is easy to install and works with most web browsers. It's perfect for animal lovers and anyone looking to add some personality to their computer's look and feel.

Fox Foxy

Fox Foxy cursor

The Fox Foxy cursor is a delightful addition to the Cursors Collection. With its cute and charming design, this cursor is perfect for anyone who loves foxes. The cursor features a detailed silhouette of a friendly fox, with its bushy tail and pointy ears visible to the viewer. It's easy to install the cursor in your browser, and it will add some personality to your online experience. Overall, the Fox Foxy cursor is an excellent option for anyone who wants to add some fun and flair to their web browsing!

Fox Cute Animal

Fox Cute Animal cursor

Introducing the Fox Cute Animal cursor from the delightful Cute Animals Cursor Collection! This adorable cursor showcases the cutest fox you've ever seen, guaranteed to bring a smile to your face whil...

Burning Dagger Fox Fantasy

Burning Dagger Fox Fantasy cursor

Introducing the Burning Dagger Fox Fantasy cursor from our fantastic Fantasy Cursor Collection! This unique and vibrant cursor is the perfect addition to your browser. With its stunning design and mes...

Fox Animal Skin Texture

Fox Animal Skin Texture cursor

Introducing the Fox Animal Skin Texture cursor from our Animal Cursor Collection! This unique cursor showcases the intricate pattern of a fox's fur, adding a touch of wilderness to your browsing exper...

Chicken Lego

Chicken Lego cursor

Introducing the Chicken Lego cursor, a unique and playful addition to your browsing experience! This funart custom cursor features a cute and vibrant LEGO chicken that will make your cursor stand out....

Chicken Impostor Among Us

Chicken Impostor Among Us cursor

Introducing the Chicken Impostor Among Us cursor from Among US Cursor Collection! This funart custom cursor adds a quirky twist to the popular game. Join the crew and uncover the impostors with this u...

Swift Drift Mask Fox Fortnite

Swift Drift Mask Fox Fortnite cursor

Introducing the Swift Drift Mask Fox Fortnite cursor from the Fortnite Cursor Collection. This funart custom cursor is designed to enhance your browsing experience. Join the Swift Drift and embrace th...

KFC Chicken Eats And Drinks

KFC Chicken Eats And Drinks cursor

Introducing the KFC Chicken Eats And Drinks cursor from the Food and Drinks Cursor Collection! This funart custom cursor depicts a mouth-watering image of KFC chicken, adding a delicious touch to your...

Unikitty Dr. Fox & Green Goo Animated

Unikitty Dr. Fox & Green Goo Animated cursor

The Unikitty Dr. Fox & Green Goo Animated cursor is a fun addition to your browser. Featuring Dr. Fox from the Unikitty series, this custom cursor for Chrome brings science and fun together. As you br...

Scissor Seven

Scissor Seven cursor

ful not to get caught up in any dangerous assassinations while using it! With a ranking of 17,369 in the Assassin rank and a impressive 1st place in the rank of Chicken Island Barber, Scissor Seven is...

Night in the Woods Gregg Lee & Knife

Night in the Woods Gregg Lee & Knife cursor

us and fun-loving fox who loves causing trouble and going on wild adventures with his best friend, Mae Borowski. This cursor features Gregg with his signature knife, symbolizing his fearless and darin...

Star Fox McCloud & Blaster

Star Fox McCloud & Blaster cursor

Introducing the Star Fox McCloud & Blaster cursor from the Games Cursor Collection! Join Star Fox on his mission to save the planet with this exciting cursor. Designed for Blaster fans, the cursor fea...

Chikn Nuggit Animated

Chikn Nuggit Animated cursor

cking and scrolling motions come to life with a mouth-watering animated chicken nugget. As you navigate the web, watch as the Chikn Nuggit cursor bounces, flips, and even takes tiny bites out of your ...

Hilda & Twig

Hilda & Twig cursor

Bring some magic to your browser with the adorable Hilda & Twig cursor from the Cartoons Cursor Collection. Twig, the loyal and protective white deer-fox, is always there to assist our beloved Hilda. ...

Minecraft Bow Animated

Minecraft Bow Animated cursor

like you're truly shooting arrows in the world of Minecraft. With its blocky design and smooth animation, the Minecraft Bow cursor will transport you directly into the game, enhancing your gaming expe...

Minecraft Torch Animated

Minecraft Torch Animated cursor

the Minecraft magic to their everyday browsing. Simply download the cursor and set it as your default mouse pointer to start enjoying this fun and immersive feature. Whether you're exploring the vast ...

Minecraft Vex & Evoker

Minecraft Vex & Evoker cursor

Introducing the Minecraft Vex Evoker cursor! Don't be afraid of the Evoker and its summoning attack with Vexes. Embrace your bravery and face them head-on. This cursor adds a funart touch to your Mine...

Minecraft Steak Animated

Minecraft Steak Animated cursor

Enhance your browsing experience with this sizzling Minecraft steak cursor! Built for blocky adventurers, this custom animated cursor will transport you into the world of Minecraft. Whether you're con...

Minecraft Christmas Sword

Minecraft Christmas Sword cursor

t extra touch of holiday spirit to your Minecraft adventures with our Christmas Sword Cursor. This special cursor is infused with the magic of Christmas, giving it incredible power. Make your Minecraf...

Minecraft Enchanted Trident Animated

Minecraft Enchanted Trident Animated cursor

Introducing the Funart Custom Cursor! Elevate your web browsing experience with our unique and playful cursor designs. With an extensive collection of fun and animated cursors, you can add a touch of ...


Aphmau cursor

Aphmau is a popular YouTuber in the gaming space, particularly known for her engaging role-playing games with Minecraft characters. With her ability to bring life and emotion to their favorite gaming ...

Minecraft Iron Sword & Steve

Minecraft Iron Sword & Steve cursor

Introducing the second most durable sword in Minecraft, the sword cursor! With a quick swing, Steve can unleash powerful attacks and smoothly maneuver through the air. Join Steve on his brave adventur...

Minecraft Crossbow Animated

Minecraft Crossbow Animated cursor

Hello! If you've ever wanted to be like the legendary Legolas or the famous Robin Hood, our Crossbow animated cursor can bring you one step closer to that dream. As part of our Minecraft collection, t...

Minecraft Diamond Sword

Minecraft Diamond Sword cursor

This Funart Custom Cursor is a delightful and exciting addition to your computer experience. With vibrant colors and interactive designs, it brings a touch of fun and playfulness to your cursor. Wheth...

Minecraft TNT & Creeper

Minecraft TNT & Creeper cursor

Introducing the unique and playful Funart Custom Cursor! Featuring one of the iconic Minecraft characters, this pixelated cursor adds excitement to your browsing experience. Beware as you navigate thr...

Minecraft Guardian

Minecraft Guardian cursor

Introducing the Minecraft Guardian video game cursor! Dive deep into the underwater kingdom and be cautious of this hostile mob. With the ability to attack using a laser beam, Guardians are naturally ...

Minecraft Ghast Fireball & Ghast

Minecraft Ghast Fireball & Ghast cursor

Explore the thrilling Minecraft world with our funart custom cursor featuring the iconic Nether creatures. Immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of the Basalt Deltas, Nether Wastes, and Soul Sand V...

Minecraft Flower & Bee

Minecraft Flower & Bee cursor

Discover the perfect flower to entice busy bees with our custom cursor flower! Designed as a funart custom cursor, this delightful feature showcases the flower that bees truly adore. Emitting a captiv...

Family Guy Ernie the Giant Chicken

Family Guy Ernie the Giant Chicken cursor

Join the epic battle between Peter Griffin and Ernie the Giant Chicken and get ready for some laughs with our new addition to the Family Guy Cursors collection. Now you can adopt the hilarious and kin...

Red Fox

Red Fox cursor

The cunning and dangerous fox is known for its bright red fur and lush tail, embodying a refined and graceful beauty. Often portrayed as a symbol of insidious cunning in folklore, its fiery fur adds t...

Cute Fox Animated

Cute Fox Animated cursor

This cute fox animated cursor from the Animals mouse cursors collection is a charming addition to redecorate your Chrome extension. With its adorable appearance, it appears as if the fox is trying to ...

FNaF Chica & Carl Animated

FNaF Chica & Carl Animated cursor

Introducing the coolest animated custom mouse cursor, featuring Chica the Chicken and Carl the Cupcake from Five Nights at Freddy’s! With every click and scroll, you’ll feel like you’re part of the FN...

Dream SMP Niki & Fungi Fox

Dream SMP Niki & Fungi Fox cursor

Introducing the delightful Nihachu DSMP cursor! Experience the serenity of Niki as she surprises everyone with her kind and peaceful nature. However, tragedy strikes when her beloved pet fox, Fungi, t...