LGBTQ Flag & Born This Way Animated cute cursor

LGBTQ Flag & Born This Way Animated cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Welcome to the vibrant world of LGBTQ+ pride! Show off your true colors with this animated mouse cursor, featuring the iconic rainbow flag and the empowering slogan "Born This Way". With this cursor for Chrome, you can proudly support and celebrate the beautiful diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. Get ready to flaunt your colorful spirit and let your cursor express your pride!

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Canada cursor

The Flags Cursor Collection presents a cursor featuring the flag of Canada for those who want to show their love for the country. The red and white flag is prominently displayed on the cursor, making it easy to identify. With this cursor, Canadian citizens can draw attention to their browsing experience and display their pride for their nation. It is a simple yet effective way to customize your browser and show your loyalty to Canada.


Sweden cursor

The Sweden cursor is a part of the Flags Cursor Collection, which offers a selection of cursor options inspired by different countries' flags. The cursor displays the bright yellow and blue colors of the Swedish flag and is available for use on web browsers. It is a fun and unique way to add a touch of national pride or interest to your browsing experience. Simply download and install the Sweden cursor to enjoy!


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The Japan cursor from the Flags Cursor Collection adds a touch of cultural significance to your browser. Featuring the iconic red sun-disc of the Japanese flag, this cursor brings a sense of respect and admiration for the country known for its rich history and unique art forms. The cursor appears as a miniature Japanese flag floating smoothly across your screen, making it a subtle yet effective way to personalize your browsing experience. Whether you're a fan of Japanese culture, a world traveler, or just looking for a small way to show your support, the Japan cursor is a great addition to your browser.


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The Norway cursor from the Flags Cursor Collection is a great way to show your love for the country! The cursor features the Norwegian flag with a red background and a blue cross with white borders. It's perfect for those who want to add a touch of Norway to their browsing experience. Simply download and install the cursor to your browser, and you're all set!


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Virgo Zodiac Sign

Virgo Zodiac Sign cursor

The Virgo Zodiac Sign cursor is the perfect addition to any browser for those born between August 23 and September 22. This cursor features the symbol for Virgo, a maiden holding a sheaf of wheat, which represents their practical and analytical nature. With its sleek design, this cursor will help you navigate the web in style while also representing your astrological identity. So why settle for a boring cursor when you can have the Virgo Zodiac Sign cursor from Cursors Collection?


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The Colombia cursor from Cursors Collection is a perfect way to show your love for this beautiful South American country. This cursor features a vibrant illustration of Colombia's flag, including its bold yellow, blue, and red stripes and the iconic golden sun with a face. The cursor is easy to install and works with any browser, giving you a fun and unique way to add a touch of Colombian culture to your online experience. Whether you're from Colombia or simply appreciate its culture and heritage, this cursor is sure to make browsing a little more exciting.


England cursor

The England cursor from Cursors Collection is a perfect way to show off your love for the country. With a sleek design that features the flag of England, this cursor is both stylish and functional. It's a great way to personalize your browsing experience and add some personality to your computer. Whether you're a proud Brit or just a fan of the country, this cursor is sure to make a statement. So why not add it to your cursor collection today?


Italy cursor

The Italy cursor from the Cursors Collection is a fun and stylish way to add some Italian flair to your browser. With a sleek and modern design inspired by the colors of the Italian flag, this cursor is perfect for anyone who loves Italy and all that it has to offer. Whether you're planning a trip to Rome, dreaming of a Tuscan villa, or just want to show your pride in your Italian heritage, the Italy cursor is the perfect way to make your browsing experience a little more colorful and exciting.

Eazy-E Hip-Hop Rappers

Eazy-E Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

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Eminem Hip-Hop Rappers

Eminem Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

Eminem, also known as Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is a highly acclaimed rapper from America. Born on October 17, 1972, Eminem rose to fame in 1999 with his major-label debut album "The Slim Shady LP."...

Ice Cube Hip-Hop Rappers

Ice Cube Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

Ice Cube, born O'Shea Jackson on June 15, 1969, is a multi-talented artist known for his contributions to hip-hop. As a rapper, record producer, and actor, he has made a significant impact on the indu...

Kendrick Lamar Hip-Hop Rappers

Kendrick Lamar Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, known simply as Kendrick Lamar, is a renowned American rapper hailing from Compton, California. Born on June 17, 1987, Lamar made his breakthrough in 2012, when he signed wit...

Nas Hip-Hop Rappers

Nas Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

Nas is a legendary hip-hop rapper known for his thought-provoking lyrics and storytelling abilities. Born and raised in Queensbridge, New York, Nas rose to prominence in the 1990s with his debut album...

Snoop Dogg Hip-Hop Rappers

Snoop Dogg Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., is an iconic American rapper and actor. With his unique style and talent, he has become one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the world, selling o...

2Pac Hip-Hop Rappers

2Pac Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

Tupac Amaru Shakur, also known as 2Pac, was a highly influential hip-hop rapper from the Rappers Cursor Collection. Born on June 16, 1971, he sadly passed away on September 13, 1996. With his stage na...

2Pac Marijuana Hip-Hop Rappers

2Pac Marijuana Hip-Hop Rappers cursor

2Pac, also known as Makaveli, was a legendary American rapper, record producer, and actor. Born as Lesane Parish Crooks on June 16, 1971, he revolutionized hip-hop music with his powerful lyrics and s...

Rick and Morty Naruto Smith

Rick and Morty Naruto Smith cursor

The Rick and Morty Cursor Collection browser offers a unique Naruto Smith cursor, depicting the crossover of the animated series. Naruto Smith is a massive hybrid child born from the unconventional re...

Sssniperwolf Lia & Glasses

Sssniperwolf Lia & Glasses cursor

And now meet the famous YouTuber and actress, Sssniperwolf! Known for her reactions, commentaries, DIY, and gaming videos, Alia Marie Shelesh, her real name, was born in the UK to a Greek and Turkish ...


Starfire cursor

Adopt the flirty and lovable Starfire at your own risk! Despite her sweet and sociable nature, this Tamaran princess is born a warrior. She can win any man's heart, but beware of provoking her, as her...

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Avatar Long Feng cursor

Meet Long Feng, a powerful and charismatic character in Avatar. Born as a pauper, he has relentlessly pursued the position of minister, enhancing his character. Long Feng is a master of earth magic an...

Solar Opposites Pezlie & Cherie

Solar Opposites Pezlie & Cherie cursor

In the Solar Opposites animated series, we are introduced to Cherie, a member of the People in the Wall, and her unique daughter Pezlie. Pezlie earned her name because she was born inside a PEZ dispen...

Dua Lipa & Logo

Dua Lipa & Logo cursor

Dua Lipa has captivated audiences worldwide with her incredible talent and charismatic presence. Born to Albanian parents in London, her name holds a beautiful meaning, as it translates to "love." Fro...

LGBTQ Polysexual

LGBTQ Polysexual cursor

The term "polysexuality" is often used to describe individuals who are attracted to people of multiple genders. Polysexual individuals prioritize a wider range of sexual or romantic connections beyond...

LGBTQ Lesbian

LGBTQ Lesbian cursor

The LGBTQ Cursor set includes free mouse cursors that represent the lesbian community. These cursors consist of 7 lines in varying shades of pink. It is important to note that there is no universally ...

LGBTQ Non-Binary

LGBTQ Non-Binary cursor

This black-purple-yellow-white flag represents non-binary pride and the non-binary community's values. Non-binary individuals do not identify exclusively as male or female. Some may identify as a mix ...


LGBT cursor

The pink color in the LGBT flag represents sexuality, specifically homosexuality. It is often associated with love and attraction among individuals of the same gender. The flag also includes other col...

LGBTQ Pansexual

LGBTQ Pansexual cursor

Our crew would like to introduce you to the Pansexual Cursor, which is part of the LGBTQ Cursor set. Pansexuality is a sexual orientation where individuals are attracted to people regardless of their ...

LGBTQ Bisexual

LGBTQ Bisexual cursor

The Bisexual Pride Flag was designed by Michael Page in 1998 as a symbol of identity and pride for bisexual individuals. The flag consists of three horizontal stripes - a pink stripe on the top, a blu...

LGBTQ Asexual

LGBTQ Asexual cursor

The Asexual cursor and pointer from this mouse cursors collection represent asexual individuals who do not experience sexual attraction. These cursors feature a black color, which symbolizes asexualit...

LGBTQ Straight Ally

LGBTQ Straight Ally cursor

As mentioned in the LGBTQ+ collection description, straight ally individuals and organizations offer acceptance and support to the LGBTQ+ movement. It is essential to note that a straight ally is a pe...

LGBTQ Transgender

LGBTQ Transgender cursor

The white line represents those who are non-binary or transitioning. This design was intended to represent the diversity and inclusivity of the transgender community. The Transgender Cursor flag has b...

LGBTQ Genderqueer

LGBTQ Genderqueer cursor

Genderqueer cursor, part of the LGBTQ Cursor set, represents the genderqueer identity through three distinct colors. Lavender, a mix of blue and pink, symbolizes the combination of masculinity and fem...

LGBTQ Demisexual

LGBTQ Demisexual cursor

Demisexuality is a unique aspect of the community, represented by a distinct flag and concept. This custom cursor sheds light on demisexuality, emphasizing the importance of forming strong emotional b...