Waiting for a mystical night on the eve of All Saints Day. The history of Halloween goes back over two thousand years. Perhaps this is the strangest holiday combining fun and fear, a native of the Celtic culture. 

Then people burned bonfires and put on scary costumes to ward off ghosts. The word Halloween was first mentioned in the 16th century as a Scottish abbreviation of the English phrase All-Hallows-Even. Pope Gregory III declared November 1 All Saints Day, and the evening before that was known as Eve of All Saints, and later Halloween.

 On this day, people wear costumes of werewolves, ghosts and other monsters and go to neighboring houses, offering to buy sweets. Themed parties, fireworks, beautiful lanterns, pumpkins and stunts create a unique atmosphere.

 We also want to celebrate this terrible holiday with accessories cursors and Halloween characters. In our collection you can find: zombie cursor, ghost cursor, black cat cursor, pumpkin cursor and much more. 

Changing your mood is now as easy as changing your cursor with our new Halloween collection.

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