Food and drinks

Food and drinks

A set of cursors in the form of products is an incredible collection of bright, tasty and mouth-watering pictures that everyone will definitely like and will be a great addition to the browser. Have you ever clicked on broccoli or french fries? 

You have such an opportunity - just download a new set of cursors and set them instead of a boring white arrow. Cursors Food are made both in the form of a standard triangular pointer, and in the form of products. 

Here you will find vegetables and fruits, your favorite dishes, such as pizza or hot dogs, coffee, lollipops and much more, which cheers up any day. Love coffee, but is drinking it all day not that good? Supplement your diet with virtual coffee, which will also invigorate and wake you up, as well as give vivid emotions. A steep cursor in the form of a virtual donut will not harm the figure, while giving vivid emotions and cheering. 

You can use your favorite cursors or change the image every day - a large selection of cursors will help to colorize everyday life and add new colors to familiar actions.

Cursor pack from category Food and drinks