The cursor is the main element of the browser, with which we spend the whole working day, study, communicate and relax. 

The standard view of the cursor is boring and even somewhat depressing, but still, for many people, this form is convenient, and changing it will be uncomfortable. But for this situation, we have a solution - a set of cursors in bright, cheerful colors that will add variety to your everyday life and make solving any problems easier and faster. 

If you are thinking about how to change the color of the cursor, we answer - download our collection and choose bright solutions for every day! You can choose monochrome tones in different colors to suit the mood or the specifics of the work. 

For example, when working with standard documents, a purple cursor will stand out against the background, and on a dark background, on the contrary, it will be easier to work with yellow cursors. If you want an explosion of color, brightness and maximum originality - choose a rainbow cursor that includes all the colors of the spectrum - with this icon, the mood will definitely be fine throughout the day.

Cursor pack from category Colored