Over The Garden Wall Wirt & Greg cute cursor

Over The Garden Wall Wirt & Greg cursor

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Over The Garden Wall, Wirt and Greg embark on a captivating and whimsical journey through "The Unknown" forest. Though they initially become lost, they encounter an array of colorful characters and face various challenges, all while trying to find their way home. As viewers, we get to join in their exciting adventure, rooting for the lovable half-brothers every step of the way. So, even though they may be lost, there is nothing wrong with getting lost in this enchanting forest with Wirt and Greg as our guides.

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Celebrate Gardener Day with a new cursor from our Holidays Cursor Collection! This unique cursor features a green garden glove with a trowel on a rich brown background. It's perfect for anyone who loves spending time in the garden and tending to their plants. Show off your love for gardening by using this cursor on your browser and enjoy a personalized touch to your online experience. Get the Gardener Day cursor now and let your passion for gardening shine!

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Street Fighter Ryu Hadouken cursor

Get ready to fight like a true warrior with the Street Fighter Ryu Hadouken cursor from the Games Cursor Collection. Step into the world of tournaments, where only the strongest can triumph over their...

Ratchet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank cursor

Download the Ratchet & Clank custom cursor from the Games Cursor Collection for your browser! Whenever you hover over a link or button, the fearless lombax Ratchet will come to your rescue, as his ima...


ENA cursor

Introducing the ENA cursor from the Cartoons Cursor Collection! This delightful cursor brings a touch of playful excitement to your browsing experience. With its vibrant colors and animated design, th...


Shrek cursor

nkey named Donkey. Despite initially being annoyed by Donkey, the two soon became unlikely friends. Their adventures began when Shrek's swamp was overrun by fairytale creatures, banished by the evil L...

Over The Garden Wall Enoch & Pumpkin Man

Over The Garden Wall Enoch & Pumpkin Man cursor

The Enoch & Pumpkin Man cursor from the Cartoons Cursor Collection is perfect for fans of Over The Garden Wall. Join the brothers as they continue their mystical adventures in the Unknown. This time, ...


Invincible cursor

Get ready for some superhero action with the Invincible cursor from the Cartoons Cursor Collection! Based on the half-human, half-viltrumites character Mark Grayson, also known as Invincible, this cur...

Cute Avocado & Bone

Cute Avocado & Bone cursor

Avocado mania has taken over the planet, with its vibrant pulp and striking pit becoming widely admired. Not only is avocado a fantastic superfood, it has also become a symbol of our era. From avocado...

Cute Cat Eating Pizza Animated

Cute Cat Eating Pizza Animated cursor

ponsible levels of cuteness and adorableness take over your screen as you navigate through websites with this charming Sweezy Cursors custom cursor. The adorable animated cat capturing a slice of deli...

Back to the Future Marty McFly & Hoverboard

Back to the Future Marty McFly & Hoverboard cursor

Back to the Future fans are going wild over the real-life version of Marty McFly's hover converted board-shaped vehicle. This incredible creation has sparked a frenzy of excitement. But how does it wo...

Pokemon Pidgey & Pidgeotto

Pokemon Pidgey & Pidgeotto cursor

Pidgeotto, a remarkable avian Pokemon, possesses incredible flying abilities. With its strong wings, it can effortlessly carry its prey over long distances back to its nest. Evolving from Pidgey, Pidg...

Steven Universe Amethyst & Spiked Flail

Steven Universe Amethyst & Spiked Flail cursor

Introducing Amethyst, a young and daring member of the Crystal Gems. Armed with a triple whip adorned with lead balls, she possesses incredible mastery over her unique weapon. Known for her reckless a...

Steven Universe White Pearl & White Diamond

Steven Universe White Pearl & White Diamond cursor

White Diamond, the Gem of Homeworld, was the leader of the Great Diamond Authority, the ruling power of the Gem race. She commanded unparalleled control over all Gems and was regarded as a superior be...

Steven Universe Yellow Diamond

Steven Universe Yellow Diamond cursor

The Yellow Diamond, a Homeworld gem and member of the Great Diamond Authority, once ruled over a race of gems. With her immense size, she commanded armies and oversaw gem production in colonies. Howev...

Friday Night Funkin’ Sky Animated

Friday Night Funkin’ Sky Animated cursor

his girlfriend, the Girlfriend, who is part of the original game. Despite her crazy actions, the Sky's efforts to win over Boyfriend are in vain. Fans can become obsessed and go to extreme lengths, su...

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day cursor

Happy Mother's Day! On this special day, children all over the world express gratitude and appreciation to their beloved mothers. Growing up in a loving and caring family, guided by a happy mother, fo...

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Stranger Things Dustin Henderson & D’Artagnan cursor

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Mera & Trident cursor

Experience the awe-inspiring world of Mera, the queen of the underwater realm! With her immense strength and command over water, Mera is a force to be reckoned with. Discover her extraordinary abiliti...

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Aquaman & Trident cursor

Take control of the mystical water monsters as you dive into the depths with Aquaman. With his power and bravery, he rules over every mineral, fish, and resource within the murky depths. Aquaman, the ...

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If It Fits I Sits Cat cursor

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eaves and the giggles of mischievous fairies as you hover over the cursor, sending magical sparks dancing across your screen. With each movement, delicate petals and leaves swirl and twirl, creating a...

Wander Over Yonder & Orbble Juice Animated

Wander Over Yonder & Orbble Juice Animated cursor

a die-hard fan of the show or just appreciate well-designed cursors, the Wander Over Yonder Animated cursor will add a touch of fun and nostalgia to your desktop. With its smooth animations and attent...

Solar Opposites The Duke

Solar Opposites The Duke cursor

Becoming the primary antagonist is no walk in the park! Even to acquire the might and authority of the Wall, one must engage in battles. The Duke is merciless and unyielding, making it an intriguing a...

Solar Opposites Pezlie & Cherie

Solar Opposites Pezlie & Cherie cursor

In the Solar Opposites animated series, we are introduced to Cherie, a member of the People in the Wall, and her unique daughter Pezlie. Pezlie earned her name because she was born inside a PEZ dispen...

My Hero Academia Shota Aizawa & Eraser Goggles

My Hero Academia Shota Aizawa & Eraser Goggles cursor

Shota Aizawa, also known as Erasure Hero, is a professional hero and teacher at the High School. He appears perpetually tired, with unkempt black hair that cascades over his face. His trademark Eraser...

Fire Safety 3D

Fire Safety 3D cursor

ire safety cursor is not only visually appealing but also provides informative tooltips when hovering over different objects. Whether you're exploring websites, playing games, or working on projects, ...